Thanks for checking-out My Conversations With The Pope podcast. If you've been looking for a gambling show hosted by two Scousers, taking the piss out of the week's sporting events and each other, you're in the right spot...



Published on:

27th Apr, 2021

Episode 37

Published on:

9th Mar, 2021

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About the Podcast

Gambling with The Pope
A Shambles of a Sports-Betting Podcast. Two Scouse mates share funny takes on the week's sports and gambling action.
Ste Turton has been betting for over twenty years. He's been discussing sports and gambling over the phone with his mate Ben Pope for just as long.

Gambling with The Pope turns those funny, intimate calls between two mates into a podcast. Each week they chat odds, angles and all aspects of the sporting world, with comical soundbites, new music and random pop culture topics thrown in for good measure. Sopranos shouts aplenty.

There's a healthy dose of Premier League coverage, NFL chat, NBA takes and tonnes of gambling advice.

With our alternative, humorous coverage, Gambling with The Pope won't often make you money, but will always make you laugh.

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Ste Turton

Gambler, sometime journalist. Content editor for mental health organisation The Mind Map. Getting into the podcast game talking sports betting on our show Gambling with The Pope.